Squeezing 1% out of a (Map)stone

I’ve just been reading Jakob Nielsen’s site about participation, and he presents this rather dull but interesting graphic:


Why are we the 90%? Are we not friends? Are we not interested? Are we too busy? Are we not finding what we want? 

I think we have too much choice. I think we spend way too much time searching for perfection and not communicating with those that we already know. There is an assumption that the more people we know, the more things we can do. But I don’t think I agree with that in all instances. I ‘know’ lots of people and places, and all it does is fuel my time spent amassing more and more places and people. When I would rather be using the tight knit of friends in existence to further a project or activity I wish to achieve. 

So we’re all lurkers, and ‘we’ don’t want that. ‘We’ the lurkers, want ‘we’ the active participators to start contributing. I don’t think its going to happen. So for all the lurkers, bye bye… your visitation is futile. I will not be catering any brain space for what you want this place to be. You are nothing more that a binary shadow of dreary rain to me. I shall instead focus all my efforts on the people that speak. I think that is the only way I can further myself…

… and I wasted 5mins of my time telling you so. 

mark 🙂


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