Stealing your money – legally

Here’s a post about the Domain Renewal Group  – perfectly legally, receiving your money and outwitting you in the process.

I got home to find an envelop from the Domain Renewal Group on my doormat. Instantly, and this is the key word here – Instantly, I knew this was a con. An act of deception, intent of relieving me of my money into their bank account, without me knowing exactly what was going on exactly.

I’m sure this company has completed this move many many times and have frustrated many ‘customers’ and fuelled their profits massively.

I ‘instantly’ knew this was fake, because I have had no domain business with the Domain Renewal Group. I haven’t entered into any contract with them, been to their website, heard of their name or purchased any past services from them.

Their logo mimics the USA flag – I’m certain this fuels their ‘official’ status, and therefore ‘concerns’ unsuspecting receivers.

Their business address is in the UK, however their telephone number isn’t.

Their ‘reply requested by’ date, implies that you ‘act by’ this date – when in actual fact there is no reason to. 

Their wording is misleading – stating that ‘you must renew your domain’ – true, but not with the DRG

They ask for your credit card number and expiry date – why would you want to do that when you bought the domain online in the first place? Very insecure I think. 

Ok I’m done. There a whole host of things that is misleading on this document which needs to be thrown in the bin. Nothing the company have done is illegal, however they 100% ‘are’ playing on your naivety of domain purchasing to ‘officially’ steal/transfer your domain away from your existing host and onto their servers. I’ll let you, look at the paper work and ask yourself ‘would I fall for this stunt?’. 

Many, many people do. 


Click to view the full sized letter

5 thoughts on “Stealing your money – legally

  1. I very nearly fell into this trap myself. Fortunately, I put the letter in my ‘to do’ list and then realised several days later that my domain wasn’t hosted by them (though I think it was actually a different company to Domain Name) and that I didn’t want it transferred to another domain so I binned it.
    But as I said, if I had been a bit more efficient in my paperwork, I would have probably completed it and then regretted it later. And I’m supposed to be an intelligent, well-educated person!

  2. Kieran told me he’s had loads of these things over the years. Jason got conned out of a lot of cash with a similar scam on CH as well. People, be careful!

  3. It’s a follow on from “Domain Listing Center” and “Domain Registry of America” who have been at this for years. The wording actually makes it clearer this time that you’re transferring your domain to them, so it seems that it’s even more legal (unfortunatley), but immoral (to say the least).

  4. Thank you for your article.

    However, as a French Laywer, I must say that – at least in France – this kind of a scam, by the
    ” Domain Renewal Group ” might be prosecuted, in the sense that such attempts ( according again to French Law ) is considered as an offense againts the private contract between the individual concerned and the REAL company which is in charge of their very private and personal Domain registration.
    This scam might be prosecuted ( at least in France ), because most French Lawyers consider it
    as an offense againts the law ” Informatique et Libertés “…

    With best regards


    NOte : I received – yesterday in France – such a nasty letter which was destroyed

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