This is not your panda

Designers are a funny bunch. 

They think and think and think on your behalf, are dripping in ideas and think sideways. They execute with passion and understanding and quality. They are artists. They are worth every penny, and worth twice as much as you think they are worth. They really are hard to pin down. Good designers don’t need steering, they don’t need you to do their thinking for them – infact, every sentence you utter to steer them, loses the value you can get out of them. Think about that. Every single sentence you speak to guide them in your direction, steers their thoughts away from their design and your success. Physically, mentally and financially. 

When you see a design, you see it with fresh eyes. A designer cannot present the ‘thought’ that comes with the physical look that you may debate. You get it cold. Effectively, you won’t understand it. Its like a new language interpretation of what you have already known, either in your product, service, website or field of delivery. This sudden ‘jarring’ of the brain, when you view something ‘cold’ is the same reaction when experiencing modern art for the first time. It creates a reaction, and that reaction lodges inside your brain to become unforgettable. Anything that creates a strong positive or negative emotion becomes memorable. And that, essentially is what you want from a designer – to be memorable. To make people ‘know’ who you are, what you offer and to be able to recall your product or service as soon as the sector you are involved in, is mentioned. 

But designers are artists, and all artists struggle to be understood by the masses, they have to fight for their designs, they have to dig their heels in and try try try to explain why ‘this’ works, why it will work for you and why you should use it. Very often, they will not do a good job of justifying their actions, they will fail to convince you, and you will see that struggle of justification and offer your own thoughts in trying to make clear their thoughts… and then it happens – you open your mouth, words fall out, and the design is compromised.

The designer implodes, and you have instantly lost money. 

Some times, some people, some companies trust their designers – they won’t understand them, they won’t necessarily agree with them, but they will value the person they employ so much that they will believe in their thoughts… and, just, go with it.

This is how things like happen. And isn’t it beautiful? isn’t it challenging? isn’t it memorable? You are looking at the value of trusting a good designer. And it is worth many many times more than you’re prepared to pay them – even if its not immediately clear why.

Everyone that views the panda, will love it… they will wish that it was theirs, doing for their company what it is already doing for the competition. You will get your panda too, however it probably won’t look anything like a panda, except through the eyes of a good designer.

You may now forward this post to your boss on the day you quit.


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