dipity / markmapstone

I’ve decided to create a timeline of my life… for this I’m going to need lots of help. Starting with my family. And probably involving you lot too. It should be fun 🙂

Click through for the timeline, I’ll be adding to it as I recall things, and its open for anyone else with a more reliable brain that me to post stuff too: dipity / Mark Mapstone

*Edit* hmm.. actually I don’t think ‘anyone’ can add to my timeline… I think its only for people that have dipity accounts.. sorry about that, if its any different I’ll let you know.

*Edit* Good news and bad news… people without dipity accounts ‘can’ (attempt) to add a new event, by clicking on the ‘List’ link at the bottom of the timeline – a ‘add an event’ link appears in the top right – however whenever I try to add something, it fails eg: the panel just sits there and doesn’t post anything (FF and Chrome and IE btw)

😦 … more news as I get it.


5 thoughts on “dipity / markmapstone

  1. yip….. sooo, that doesn’t work then!

    Dipity rocks btw – however, so far, I can’t share it with anyone. pants. I’m doing something wrong I know.

  2. Hey Zack,

    thanks for getting back to me about this. It had been driving me bananas… particularly as I have embedded a timeline before and assess emerging SaaS’s as part of my job.

    Your advice helped… but let me explain what happened so you’re at least aware of it.

    I signed up and was presented with a timeline immediately on my profile page /markmapstone – all good. So I started adding content to it. Once done I clicked the embed options and pasted the code etc… result? nothing appeared, fair enough – I guessed wordpress stripped out my code, but clicking the link wordpress placed instead of the visual timeline, caused a ‘oops’ error. Looking back at my timeline after reading your words, I didn’t have an ‘edit details’ link under my timeline name that you spoke of (much head scratching followed) All I have is ‘Account settings’ and ‘notifications’ … of which, neither allow me to set any permissions.

    After some fiddling about I have since discovered, that I need to create a topic first and only then do I have the edit details and permission options.

    The pain is, all the hard work (not much actually) I had put into my ‘profile’ timeline, now has to be recreated under a new ‘topic’…. as there doesn’t appear to be a way to ‘convert to topic’ option?

    Anyways… thankfully I’ve figured it out now… but unless you can tell me of a better way (or if I missed something)… I need to remember and make my trainers aware that embedding and permissions is only possible once a ‘topic’ is created.

    all the best

    thanks – mark

  3. Hello Mark-

    I came across your post. You ought to check out LifeSnapz too (www.lifesnapz.com). A new site that creates timelines built from life events that can be dynamically generated based on people and event tags, as well as maps.

    I’d love to hear your feedback.

    Bob Armour

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