Tokyo Day 4

a few places that we’ve been trekking to: 

A popular Ex-Pat area, found by stumbling through many backstreets from our first tubestation experience. Fell into a great restaurant which had a touchscreen computer on each table to order food – and even with all menus in Japanese, we were able to order a number of edible items – mine of which, looked and tasted like pork and chewed like Goodyear tyres and eventually left my body like an Oyster on a HelterSkelter. Why exactly the joint had a sign on the entrance door saying ‘Caution: Police stop here’ I couldn’t figure out. Why would a restaurant advertise to its customers that police arrive occasionally? Or maybe it was telling the police that they aren’t allowed to go beyond that point? Anyways, we pay and leave without the assistance of the Japanese Mafia – which I consider to be a good thing. 

We had 2 unsuccessful attempts that night: first was to try and gatecrash a private members only Karaoke bar and the other was finding Space Lab Yellow nightclub. The best we could manage was Paddy Foleys Irish Pub – oh and it rained so we bought a £3 umbrella which appears to be so trendy with the local during ‘its chucking down’ time. 

Tech heaven we’d been told and it sure was. The narrow streets were fantastic to walk about, lots of market trader type of feeling to everything – including us being treated to some miserable teenagers banging drums in a street parade thing, whilst a very enthusiatic skantily dressed girl gyrated upfront for the shoppers. What that was all about I don’t know – but it was a feature, so it was welcome. We didn’t buy anything electrical, however we did find a rather cool ‘Linux Café’ which did the best food and wandered about 6 floors of intense gaming in the Sega building.

This place is the rich and trendy area with cool kids wearing whatever they liked and all the major worldwide brand names pimping themselves in the golden shop fronts. We were in the area looking to visit the contemporary Art Museum, but apparently, they don’t do Monday’s – bah. We settled in the Myspace Café – which had nothing to do with Myspace other than stealing the name (more on that later). Em bought some fancy trainers and the shop assistant bowed each time he handed her a shoe to try on – elsewhere it would have been weird – but here, it is normal practice, including the unison chorus of goodbyes from all staff members when leaving the building. 

I have more photos to ‘flickr’ – but haven’t gotten round to it yet. 

There are many other things worth mentioning, but I’ll save it for later. We’re just getting ready to train it out of the city in to the country to see Em’s mate Colin. Looking forward to that, as it’ll be nice to get some contrast from the urban environment. 

ok, I’m done, laters – mark


One thought on “Tokyo Day 4

  1. OMGEEZ!! It sound’s fun to me!! I would love to see one of those touchscreen Computer’s on each table…WoW!! This is on one of my Bucket List going to Bangkok and Okinawa.. And it was a shame the Contemporary Art Museum was closed. I bet it would of been awesome! til l8er

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