Its nice to get out the house.

Day 1 (ish) in Tokyo and so far we’ve got from the all important landing point A to the vital vacation location B in incredibly smooth impressive accuracy – something that neither one of us expected. The first 24hrs included highlights such as,

1: me accepting 4 blue pills in a box given by a girl on the street and us eating them without considering that they could have been rat poison or washing powder – turned out to be bubble gum – tho the box said ‘hot pepper’. I will not be answering questions asking why I put pills marked hot pepper in my mouth… you had to be there really.

2: Sat in the shade on the grass and got ambushed by deadly kamikaze style ninja ants the size of pony’s, that clung silently to the branches of trees until tourists sat beneath them and launched unsuspectingly onto their victims below, showering me in ‘Run Away!’ until my sweat washed them all off.

3: Drank water that was designed for washing feet

4: Ate food by pointing at pictures

5: Ate more food by pointing at text (turns out it was squid and fish eggs etc)

6: waited 4 hrs to check into the hotel.

7: Went to the pub – the ‘english’ HUB pub – and vowed never to return.

8: Walked about the most mentally stimulating streets in the world, with our zombie-like jet-lagged bodies fighting every step of the way until the blisters burst and our feet developed elephantiasis.

and finally stayed up waaay past our bedtime and slept waaay longer than intended – ‘waddaya mean breakfast isn’t served at 12:20pm?’

Right I’m done… photos will arrive in the future.

Nihongo wa hanasemasen – mark


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