Sony kills Polar Bears

money – check, passport – check, cameras – check, flight details – check….. ahh sod it, everything else I’ll buy out there.

Sept arrived pretty quickly and apart from Sony launching the bloody eReader the day after I leave the country is damned inconvenient if you ask me. This means I have to pack ‘old media’ in my suitcase and lug stupidly half way across the world, adding to weight, fuel consumption, global warming and naturally the ever decreasing number of polar bears desperately trying to kill scientists for food to survive whilst they try and spot polar bears to figure out how many of them are dying due to global warming…. erm the bears dying – not the scientists.

The headline of this post should be ‘Sony kills Polar Bears’…. bah. Or maybe ‘Sony Kills’, or ‘Sony murders scientists in digital ink global domination’, or ‘Scientists inject e-ink into Polar Bears to test for Global warming effects on digital book production’ – I’ll choose one inabit and hook it up there.

So yeah, I’m lovin the idea of leaving ol’Blighty whilst desperately praying for all the road signs and conversations to magically switch to english for a couple of weeks for the sole selfish purpose of me being able to have a stress free holiday. Apparently the President of Japan resigned recently because of the number of emails I sent to him, insisting to make this change _before_ I arrive in the wee hours of thursday/friday sometime’o’clock.

Failing this magical transformation, I will probably be pushing into my ears during the flight over, the ripped mp3 audio of a £4 language cd bought from a secondhand bookshop, targetted at Australians visiting and wishing to convert the first 100 swear words of their language in to phonetically perfect Japanese.

In desperate times, desperate measures and all that.

Seriously tho, I’ll be a perfect gent – albeit a quivering crying floor hugging fetal wreck of a gent, who’s missed his last train home and trying to avoid sharing the last ‘tube hotel’ room with a fat drunk businessman that insists on calling me Maureen and telling me what a nice mouth I have.

ahhhhh there’s nothing like the smell of a dumb tourist to kick off the hey?

I’m spent – mark.


4 thoughts on “Sony kills Polar Bears

  1. Oh yea, good old Global Warming, let’s cut down ALL these tree’s so we can’t breath or ALL the Animal’s can’t live in there OWN home! That man has taking over from the Animal’s…til l8er

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