pushing and pulling knowledge

I  am now on Evernote. What took me so long?? I’ve known about it for aaaages, been telling others about it and have known what it can do… yet I’ve not committed to it. Why? I can think of excuses, but I can’t justify any of them. But now I have, and I’m liking everything thing about it apart from Evernote taking over my ‘printscreen’ button. Though I’m hoping to either turn off that function or learn to live with it….. hopefully the later. It sounds exactly like OneNote…. part of the MicroSoft Office range of packages, yet it syncs online and erm, isn’t MS 🙂 Gotta be a good thing.

Another thing I’ve been playing with, creating a presentation on, SlideRocket. Heard of it? yes, no, maybe? Well its powerpoint, but not MS and of course miles better, offline and syncs online and has functions and cool features and effects like the lovely Mac Keynote.

Between these 2 services, I’m gradually getting more knowledge out of my head, in a space where others can access it, and relying less and less on my hard drive for storage. Which can only be a good thing.



3 thoughts on “pushing and pulling knowledge

  1. Evernote looks like it’d work well for a scatter brain like me. It almost makes me want to buy an iPhone..what phone are you using with it?

  2. Woohoo – good moves my friend… as you know I’m a fanboy for both platforms and looking forward to using them both with you in our creative ways 🙂

  3. Looks good Mark, thanks. I’ve been using OneNote for a while now and it’s so useful for my kind of job where I come across random bits of information that may or may not be useful in the future. But I guess the benefit of Evernote is the online functionality, as with OneNote I have to save and transfer my files across when I’m using a different computer which is a real pain.

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