shooting people with makeup

Jason photo’d me and some mates flying about at the wkend with some grand results. Several flashes were setup, a crowd of people were wheeled into place, a very long lens and a camera worth approximately 4 times the value of my car was used. It was a bit like being in a studio without having a wardrobe and makeup dept to fix us up between shots…. hmmm… now I think about it…

Mark Mapstone Indy


2 thoughts on “shooting people with makeup

  1. I watch you guy’s skateboarding and the Bike ride’s on T.V. EVERY chance I get. These guy’s (Men) are so amazing at what they can do.. And the height they get. WoW!!! And I love the Bike’s also!! I’m REALLY glad you all wear ALL the Gear, I couldn’t imagine NOT wearing the Gear!! These guy’s (Men) wife’s are sitting out in the audience, and I don’t see how they sit there so paitiently!! Houston’s Mayor just put in a HUGE Skateboarding and Bike Ride stuff downtown. I can’t wait to go watch them..It’s and AWESOME Sport, and VERY daring. til l8er

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