decorating the web

I don’t know what to do with my website. It sits there getting older and older and I occasionally look at it and think: delete. But I never do. Its like an old photograph, reminding me of a time when things were experimental, time was in acres and needs must. ‘Needs’ don’t anymore. That isn’t a bad thing either, its a good thing. It shows how times have changed. I no longer need a website, it was once my piece of the web where I placed myself and hoped people arrived at one day and got to know me. These days, I feel like I’m ‘in side’ the web, looking out at everybody else – who are also inside their bit of the web, looking out at everybody else. Hang on, that didn’t make sense, either way, I’m definitely emmersed in something.

designdebris seriously needs a redesign – I’ve known that for years – fresh content, new urls and more ‘me’. But like I said its become a time capsule, I should just zip it up and move it to another location.

What should the site now reflect? I guess where I am, mentally and physically. I’m playing with my own knowledge, I’m writing more than a weeble on a yaughting holiday, and I’m spending a lot of my time converting brains and contributing in a small way to a better world wide web.

I guess I have unlimited outlets to express myself these days too. I’m tempted to let the domain expire and fade away… I like that idea. maybe I should just redirect it here? maybe I should just shut up and redesign, selfishly regardless of its sense of purpose?

design in the absense of content is merely decoration after all.

I could live with that.


4 thoughts on “decorating the web

  1. Hey man!! No don’t fade away..I say write!! Tell us something! You write they will come!! Yea, you can re-deisgn your blog, jazz it up a bit. I have to do something more with mine.. When I get the time.. til l8er

  2. Say waht?? eeejid!!! Never heard of it man!! You wanted ppl to comment on your blog so I did..If you dont want ppl to comment on your blog put it in private..OMGEEZ!! Take a chill pill dude!! til l8er

  3. hahaha… cheers for that, I needed a chuckle. Uhh no, ‘not’ my blog… my _website_ … this is my blog, the linked site is my website. I’m on about the linked website in the post.

    btw – being abusive to commentors is brilliant… you get a far better reaction than saying pleasant things. try its out on your blog – the next person to comment, tell them to fuck off. Its ace 😀 … you’ll probably become best mates!

    have a nice day! 😉

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