and another thing

yeah so, Babel was as good as I remembered it.

Feeling like a brand new film again, except I knew what was going to happen – however it had the ‘2nd watch appeal’ … allowing me to focus on all the details I’d previously missed. Like the Morrocan ‘shooter’ kid on the tv channel that the Japanese girl tunes into – ok, this is actually quite a big ‘detail’ but I missed it somehow 1st time round.

It was viewed with a certain joy of the upcoming nanowrimo event – I’ve decided to do it again, however this time I shall be joining in on the actual month of November, rather than starting and completing mine in December, Iike I did last year.

I’m going to do a little bit of planning for this one. I have a story in my head with a beginning yet no middle or end… I’ll figure that out along the way, or indeed in the months leading up to the event. I’ll also have time to figure out some characters and research some locations, and timings so things are sticky enough to make sense.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is being able to compare the standard of writing this year with last years. I’m certain i’ve improved, but only time and a decent re-read will prove true.

What else?

Oh yeah life. I finish up working at my job in Bristol on Friday to start one in my livingroom on Monday. However Monday will actually be in Llandaff and moving to Cheltenham by the following Tuesday and only back to the ‘livingroom’ again on Wednesday. Then, I shall be home.

this will make a big difference to ‘life2.0’ atm… because its all getting out of hand. If life was a football, and I’m playing keepy uppy with it, I can probably keep it up for about 5 at a time before I drop it again… and, if you allow me to murder a metaphor a little bit longer, my ‘football’ is a little deflated atm.

The new position in life, will mean less away time and more afterwork time to, as we say in the trade – ‘get shit done’.  I have high hopes about how I will achieve that; a calendar, a timetable, a todo list, coloured highlighters and post-it notes. The thought of this organisation shudders me to shuddersville, if it wasn’t for all the new stationary I get to treat myself to.

It also means I’ll be able to get my car serviced, and get the old one dumped and start my website redesign and get those business cards printed and convert that video footage and install ubuntu and dump that old pc… and more things that begin with ‘and’.  

… oh, and blog more 🙂


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