Babel like

If you want to tell a story and you want to suck people in and make them wait and hope and wait and hope and cry and wait and hope some more. Then Babel is a good place to start. I didn’t want these emotions. But I was amazed at how it pulled my emotions around, like no other film I’ve experienced.

Its a straight forward film – exploded in to pieces, and glued back together like that liquid metal Terminator 2 was built with.

When I first watched Babel it was by way of the ‘Great Free Sky services of 2007′ as it shall forever be known. It was during a time when I was considering writing my story, and this film added to the momentum of silent encouragement I wrapped myself up in whilst not telling anyone of my secret planning.

It was the first film that made me care about the characters, the first! I’m 35 and that’s the first? that means I’ve either not watched films before (granted I haven’t watch ‘that many’) or all the films I have watched have been rubbish (granted that bit is probably quite true too). But c’mon – I watch Billy Elliot and didn’t care that much for the characters! So you get where I’m coming from right?


I bought Babel for £7 today.. and will be watching it tonight.


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