name your peers.

Whenever I’m asked who i lookup to or admire, I’m always lost for words. I know there are people, but they generally aren’t people that anyone has heard of, so I struggle to think of anyone ‘famous’.

there’s lots of people that I look up to, more for what they have achieved and established in all the areas that I would love to do but haven’t been able to or can’t yet. Most of these areas ( I look upto) are in the form of skills, or measured success.

Skills: If I am learning something, and I know someone else that has mastered it, I generally look up to them for being where I want to be. The higher up the chain of achievement they are, and if they are humble enough to acknowledge my existence and communicate with me (no matter how brief), then they instantly fly up the chart of admiration.

Success: If someone achieves something that I can’t comprehend achieving, but would love to, and I get to know them – then they too become admired.

Both these elements are associated with my own personal goals. I don’t admire people that have made money, become famous, can buy an expensive car, can shoot hoops from great distances, or can fight people to win, or run a distance, or shear sheep really really fast etc. Because non of those are my goals.

I’ve just thought of a new element of admiration I look up to in people. And its not an easy one to explain.

If someone achieves something relatively minor, but is massive to them… and is a step forwards towards achieving their dream / goal, and I meet them, then they too go right up there in my ‘top man / woman’ list. eg: Someone thats always wanted to go teach in S. America – yet they’ve never even left the country before, and they go get themselves a passport. I can instantly see that small step is the right direction for them to change their life, so I give them all the encouragement in the world to continue with that determination, and see things through. The more they achieve, the higher up the list my admiration for them is.

This has now got me thinking that everyone I meet is on some kind of ‘scale’ of admiration. They can either be right at the bottom of it, right at the top of it, or somewhere inbetween. The difference is, I can only admire them I they tell me their story… without the story there is nothing to grasp onto to admire. Effectively if people don’t tell their story, they become unreachable as a soul I want to be associated with. Maybe that’s why I admire people that can communicate well?

wow, I’ve never thought of that before – everyone is on my admiration list. cool.


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