an itch that won’t go away.

chris showed me his friends site years ago. It blew me away, sucked me in, consumed my thoughts and set aside a place in my future. Its a box I am yet to tick.

It reminds me of playing with all my bits of paper and glue as a kid – drawing things and making stuff. So creative and so ruleless. More importantly, so original. So so original. Something within me, growing up wanted to be closely associated with original things, unique items and activities, things that were fluid and I could shape to be mine. Whatever that was. No expectation, no ridicule, no failure. I’ve been trying to shake of the feeling of failure my whole life – this seemed like another one of those moments, whereby I could play, create, produce and be guaranteed to win.

… and I do need to win, because I always felt last place.

Chris showed me Galleriamia, which is now Mia Leijonstedt and I should have booked up a course when I had a chance. Now its too late. Its not too late to do it, its just too late to do it now. If that makes sense.

Mia’s work attracts me – and more than that – everything about the people that are attracted to Mia’s work attracts me too.

I guess I’ll add it to the huge list of things I want to do before I die 🙂



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