1: Latté Universe

Recycled oxygen from the air conditioned office atmosphere consumes the world I exist in. The even, consistent, chilled pressure, suspends all fixed objects perfectly, as if without it they would break free causing untold chaos whereby staplers crash into photocopiers and monitors fight to the death with fire extinguishers. The air is the container for my everything, yet not thin and transparent, but dry dusty and grey with weight, like a quicksand flood had sucked itself up through the carpet tiles, similar to drawing liquid up through a syringe, causing everything electrical to fizz and pop in its mass until reaching the false ceiling and fossilising the noise into silence.

Within this dry, grey air, my coffee mug sits steaming, barely, as if trying to breathe, just like I am.


4 thoughts on “1: Latté Universe

  1. Gosh it’s all getting very poetical round these here parts. I lost your blog for a while. I thought you had gone to ground for a while. It’s good to be back feeding my addiction. So I take you you took the big job then?

  2. aye, I am here… back in dull office life. However its accellerating my creative thinking – which is unexpected and very welcoming. I switched the blog to private for a while btw, and now its back hur-raa!

  3. stalker alert possibly? I’m not sure… I might have had a blast of self doubt… that’s what usually causes it. It actually might have been about the time I got the new job, and wasn’t sure I wanted people googling me.

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