options, possibilities, decisions and opportunities.

Sooo in my attempt to not work… it worked.

For 3wks, I hung about in coffee shops, did some more writing, read a lot, visited people, paid out more than I’d like in car bills, and haven’t skated enough. On the surface, as calm as, and underneath, wondering how the hell I was gunna pay the pre-bill bills before I run out of dough. Luckily the karma police had been out doing their thing and smiling down on me.

I need to trust my self and life more. I worry a lot about getting work when I don’t have it, the trouble is, the more worried I am, the calmer I become. Does that make sense? It probably doesn’t. Think of it like this way. When you hit rock bottom, you’ve nothing to worry about, as you can’t go any lower. This is my approach to life. I consider my life is as low as it can get, so I am grateful of everything that arrives. This simple thought process, whilst effectively supressing my own esteme, also conveniently ensures a stress free day (everyday).  Sure its some kind of fucked up psychology going on there… but whatever, I’m cool with it.

So now it appears I have a job offer on the table. It has pluses and minuses like all good jobs. First the pluses:

  • Its a big company. I do big companies very well. Up until 16 mths ago, it was all I ever did.
  • The job isn’t taxing… if the job spec and interview test is anything to go by. (compared to ‘lancing anyway)
  • With the economy on the brink of going tits up, all small companies ‘may’ be on the verge of struggling. This company is exempt from ‘struggling’.
  • Its in bristol, and close to parkway train station. I’m in bristol alot and I like being near a station.
  • the monies ok. not great, but ok.
  • I’ll be closer to Emily 😀
  • Flexible working hours (hopefully)

The minuses:

  • Its in Bristol, the wrong side of bristol. Meaning lots of driving and sitting in traffic 😦
  • According to the job spec, its not going to be a creative role like I’m used to. I may end up de-skilling myself by working there.
  • No msn and probably software, machine access and browsing restrictions will be in place too. not good 😦
  • The monies ok, not great, but ok.
  • Remote working not available

Now it may appear that all is well, because theres more pluses than minuses, however the minuses are pretty hefty to me. The biggest pain in the ass is the travelling time and distance, lack of creativity and msn. All the other pluses can’t outweigh these one dot. Money is persuasive, however money isn’t persuasive enough in this instance.

There is another job on the horizon. And its local. The pluses:

  • Its local. 15mins from my home… and almost zero traffic (one junction to tackle every day)
  • Its creative. Macs a plenty, adobe creative suite kitted throughout, print and web, design and builds. Lovely.
  • Low pressure. Its a laid back location with understanding clients. Quality takes preference over quick turn arounds.

The minuses:

  • Its all a bit Royston Vasey. The environment serious needs a shot of ‘change’. They say yes, but are they ready for it?
  • No msn. Just like the other job, this is a big minus to me. Reaching people outside the company 4 walls is vital in order to stay sane and share skills and fix problems when things arise. Without it, I feel like I’m suffocating.
  • I’ll be the most technically knowledgeable person in the company. This has pluses, but largely minuses, if I’m expected to do stuff all on my own (re; msn above)

Now on the whole, the second job offer seems better, as the pluses and minuses are pretty evenly balanced, however this position isn’t mine yet, and the money hasn’t been clarified. Assuming it is, the better option still isn’t obvious. Both jobs are pretty much equal. I could literally flip a coin to choose between them. The only thing about both positions I would like is to remain doing my mediasnackers work. That stuff is vital to my sanity, and if one of the jobs couldn’t accomodate it, then the other would probably win out. Yes, it could literally come down to just that one defining factor.

we shall see, more news when I have it.



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