10 unimportant things

This week I have been mostly:

  1. Avoiding phone calls from people trying to get me to work for them.
    because I’m not skint yet and want a little holiday from work.
  2. Enjoying the first episode of Titlepage.tv
    because I like hearing what authors have to say about their working processes. Because of this, How I write will probably be bought by me at sometime.
  3. Discovering what the new IE8 has to offer me
    because when its finally released, I don’t want any nasty surprises with my site design/builds.
  4. Enjoying a Stephen King book on writing from the library.
    because he doesn’t mince his words about the way he and other people should write.
  5. Eating lots of soup and sandwiches in pubs and coffee in cafés, whilst writing / editing my words
    because I want the second draft done by the summer.
  6. Securing domains and unifying the hosting of existing ones on my own hosting.
    because I can’t believe after 10yrs of webwork I still don’t understand basic mysql setups and connections.
  7. playing squash with my bro ben
    because we don’t use any rules.
  8. Going to the gym to flip about in
    because skateboarding hurts, and I like being upside down.
  9. Eating bigger breakfasts
    because I need to cut down eating big feeds in the evening.
  10. watching as many dvd’s as I can’t before my lovefilm trial ends
    because I don’t intend on paying for the service

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