stuff update

nothings going on… but sooo much is happening.

Just wanted to pop a little note in to say the links down on the right here, have been changing pretty frequently. I’ve been wandering a huuuge number of good sites recently and documenting them all. Have a click if you’re bored and discover something.

I’ve also been hooking up my social networks more…. namely twitter and jaiku accounts, getting them to work with my phone and having a nice little AIR app called Twhirl on my computer to enable me to post to both accounts. I’ve been getting into Tumblr too, figuring out how to customise it and integrate it into a site design.

I’m currently out of work atm… and quite happy with that. I’ve got a few quid in the bank to keep me going for a bit and its nice to have the time off. I haven’t really had any resemblance of a holiday for 18mths so I’m really not racing to jump back into anything. I do plan on tarting up my website soon tho, it really needs to reflect my skillset I’ve decided, currently its far from doing that.

I’ve been whacking a squash ball about a court a bit too. A couple games with bro’s and friends. I suck at it, but its a refreshing change. The last time I did anything close to this sport is playing badminton at school, and I used to love that. I guess I’m looking for more sports to do during the winter months when I’m not skating as much, and squash (minus the rules) is a refreshing change.

ok I’m done – out


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