64yr old starts blogging

a while back ago, I posted about my plan to get my old man blogging.

Well its worked.

I’ve managed to get a 64yr old technophobe, logging in everyday and blog about his life. Its actually his life from about 20yrs ago, when he was in a band… and his memory is reduced to photos and newspaper cuttings from around the time.

Dad: What do I do if theres a gap between 1986 and 1989?
Me: Easy, you stop, have a think, and type what you remember. Its called your memory, we all have them.
Dad: right… is there any other way?

And theres something that he hasn’t grasped about this blogging lark. He’s completing it like he’s writing an article on paper. Oldest stuff first, newest stuff last. Blogs of course are the other way round. Oldest last, newest first. As everything he’s working on is 20yrs ago anyway, technically I see his point, however he’s not actually aware that he’s ‘in the wrong’ at all, until I point it out to him…. which I’ll be doing very shortly.

Sooo, I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to get an old git qwerting on a regular basis. He’s excited and interested in documenting everything he’s done now. Tonight he’s been learning how to use the scanner for his photos… and ‘learning’ equals following through a crib sheet I wrote out for him, whilst I’m on the other end of the phone and listening to him ‘tick off’ each step.

And its only when you have to walk an old man through the process of scanning, adjusting and saving photos, that you realise how bloody hard a process it really is. So much so that I’ve come up with my own plan on how to make it easier:

1: place photo in scanner
2: right click anywhere on an empty blog post,
3: select scan
4: photo scans, applys auto colour, adjustment, and resizes to fit the blog perfectly


This is how it should be. Thinking this process through, reminded me about how Hollywood films always made any computer scenes really dumbed down and easy for the average joe to understand/read/watch. And we (the techies) always giggle at how fake it is. However its the studios that have it right. Really it should be that bloody easy to do computery stuff… and if only it was, we’d all be enjoying creating stuff easier and quicker, rather than figuring out stuff and fixing things.

point made.

Dad blogs. Yay! And no.. you can’t have the url. why? because he can’t even comprehend that he needs more than one blog entry (he just keeps editing the same one)… he doesn’t understand how to recognise when he has recieved a comment yet, let alone be able to read one. Anything like that, would just confuse him further at this stage.

More news, as I get it.


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