Its just another day… no really. it is.

But today is supposed to be the day that you prove you love someone by buying something? hmm riiiight. I’ve never liked that concept.

I heard a good thing on the news this morning. A couple use the day to be nice to each other, not to take each other for granted, but to compliment and to thank, to smile and to be in each others company in a nice way… not like when you kick a football into a girls stomach to show you love them lads.

I like that approach. It means more. Aaaand … guess what? It means even more if you do it on any other day of the calendar except V-Day!

I guess the problem of measuring love, is Routine Vs Surprise. Eg if you do the same thing every year, then its no surprise. But equally if its without much thought, then its equally as meaningless.

The answer? I mean the real answer, (a bit like the meaning of life, but easier to solve) … the answer is to do it all, or do nothing. Anything half hearted, on a day thats supposed stamp a mark of authoritive love on your partner loud and proud for all to know and see, is as useless as a sad limp rose and a forecourt card.

Sure it has ‘meaning’ … but the meaning is much the same as sitting on a fence, umming and ahhing. Theres no confirmation, no certainty, no commitment, its like going into battle and with the sharpest sword, but keeping the cover on, so you don’t slay anyone by accident.

The media day that it is, squeezes out the love and replaces it with pounds. Whichever way you look at it. Whether you’re deeply in love, or yearn for someone, or single. Its the same. When people use the day for measurement of ‘love’, then I think those people are already on a slippery slope. (and I’m not talking about a joyous fairground helterskelter slide head first down a nutela runway with you open mouthed gripping on for dear life to a soft nougat tea tray… no… tho that would be nice)

Note to self: Find a nutela filled helterskelter slide and a soft nougat tea tray.

One thing I’ve learned is to ignore the days I’m told I must do ‘X’ because (and this is the big one) .. because ‘its traditional’. I hate anything traditional. I love things that are ace.

So what should we really do? Ignore V-Day. Totally, 100% steer well clear of it. Its a false sense of security, its an excuse for indirect questions, its an insignificant gesture, its blutac compared to superglue or a bandaid for openheart surgery.

What does every girl want? what can never fail? what can win them over and reassure them that love is there forever completely and indefinitely? Get them a puppy sized elephant.

Just don’t do it on V-Day!


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