drawing thoughts

I can’t escape the urge to draw, and I’m not sure what to do about it. I buy books about it, I buy magazines about it, I think about it, I attempt it, I have a job involved with it, I admire websites from those that do it… and worse of all, I continually try and look for ways of taking a short cut to be able to do it. And they always fail. No surprise there.

I know what I should do. Chuck in work, go back in to education and study it. To emmerse myself in that world 24/7, to give up many other hobbies and to draw every day. Learn the long hard slow way, listen and be taught properly by someone that knows what they’re doing.

My only other option is to give up most of my hobbies and spend my evenings and wkends focusing on it purely.

The other option is like Golf. Know that I like it, and save it until I’m old and frail and can’t do anything else.

Ahhhh, what to do?

I guess its all about timing, and waiting for the right time to do things, or to think sod it and dive right in whatever. I’m great at dishing out advice, but I suck and listening to my own. If I met me, I’d tell me this was a clear passion that I’ve had all my life, I should find a way to do it now, consider going back in to education and to commit to it. As it’ll probably bug me until the day I die, if I don’t do it.

I know this… however I also know me, better than anyone else. And I know that I enjoy doing many different things, I enjoy being able to change my mind and start something else, whether that’s photography, web design, skateboarding, gymnastics, training, print design, making music, writing or volunteer work. I love it all. All of these I love, all of these stops me from being bored, and most of these makes me money in some way.

Sooo …. what to do?

The likelihood of me jacking in everything and going back to study it is close to zero. It was also close to zero 7yrs ago when I was also thinking about it. Why haven’t I done it? Fear of changing my lifestyle so much that I end up taking a step (or 10) backwards from the point in life I’ve reached already. Thats it in a nutshell. I’ve tried self tuition and haven’t found a way getting results from it. I need 1-1 mentoring in an environment whereby I’m focused and committed.

There is online versions. Very good versions too. The same 1-1 mentoring with top industry artists. Just pay your £700 or so, and you’ve got it. But I still feel this is a short cut. And I’ve got a thing about shortcuts. I hate them. Since the day I learnt to play a keyboard when I was 10, when I knew I should have learnt the piano. I know shortcuts don’t work (for me anyway).

The thing I admire most, is people that can exist with nothing. Hairdressing is a perfect example. A trained stylist only needs a pair of scissors to get work. An artist only needs a pencil. A classically trained musician only requires their instrument. I like things like that. I don’t like having to rely on masses of equipment to get a job done. I’d love to be able to use simple classic instruments to work. I think I’m really anti technology atm. Which is ironic as I’m typing this on a laptop through a broadband connection!

so yeah, back to drawing. what will I do tomorrow? probably the same as I do most wkends, go to bath, wander the art section of Waterstones, get all amped up, go home and try drawing something, failing, giving up and eating some cake instead. Luckily tho, I’ve been a trained to eat cake all my life and I’m built for it.



6 thoughts on “drawing thoughts

  1. I’m the exact same way, the only difference is that I’m not a very good artist. I buy books about, joined an online art community (deviant art) and spend hours drawing. I’m only 15 so I don’t have a job yet, but I know That I want a career in art. I just wish it was easier to get better. I’m a freshmen in high school but they only provide art classes for sophomore and above so I’m really disappointed in that. How good where you at 15?

  2. mate, if you’re 15, you’ve got the time and life situation to get as good as you want to be. I’m 34, and have already set myself out a career path and have bills to pay. You’re in a much better position than I am! My drawing skills at 15 were not good, I could copy something well, but couldn’t create anything new above average, and it would be out of proportion, using basic line and shading techniques. Deviantart is ok, to show off stuff… but not the best place to learn from. My tip to you would be to draw everyday, get on http://www.cgsociety.org/ or http://conceptart.org/ (this is where the pro’s play and offer good help) and study anatomy as soon as possible, because even if it doesn’t interest you now, you’ll need it in future… without it, you’ll be an amateur your whole life!

  3. Thanks for the advice. I bought an 8 inch manikin to study proportions and the figure and shading. I’ve never heard of those sites but ill check them out.

  4. Sounds to me like you don’t only need to take your own advice but also also re-read Arin Crumley’s advice to the animator. I’ve read it about 15 times since I first saw his post. Crazy and pointless I know. Every time I finish absorbing his wise words I sit back and think a little more about the concept of giving it all up and following your passion and the more I think about it the more I think it’s the only way to fulfill your potential. And not only that, but to not have that burden of old-age regret you talk about.

    Amber Rubarth, a musician and online-friend of mine is another one who purports that giving it all up and following your dream is the “only way”. These are all people I respect and I want to believe them and follow their advice. However, having said all that, I come back to the same conclusion and the conversation we had in ‘bucks earlier today.

    How the hell do these people pay the bills?!?

  5. I started life-drawing classes in Bristol a couple of months ago, and I love them. I come away feeling all relaxed and chilled, and I can see my drawing improving every week. Plus I get to chat to other artists and get ideas, and challenge myself to do better. So thats my advice, go to life-drawing class.

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