10 things

1: I think I found the rest of my life this morning.

2: My ankle hurts (again)

3: I bet I get that norovirus.

4: I’m currently listening to other peoples last.fm radio stations

5: I discovered the politics section of Waterstones

6: Buy a calendar

7: Awake since 3:40am 😀

8: I over bake my crumpets, stop doing that.

9: Phantom power cost £17 + postage

10: I am a stationary addict


One thought on “10 things

  1. If you do get norovirus let me know; I have friend who wants it terribly because he heard you get two extra days off work even after you get better so you don’t spread it, and he really wants time off. Also, he’d like to loose weight.

    He’ll probably pay you a tenner to snog him or something…

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