day 27: 45k 168up

Piece of piss this writing stuff. I dunno why I thought it was so tricky! 😉 Actually writing 50k of tripe in 30days is pretty easy, and I’m already looking forward to going back over it and writing it properly so it all make coherant sense. However, Jesus H Christ… I’ve gotta read it all numerous times to sort it all out!! … arghhh… that by itself is gunna kill me. I think I’d rather scrap it and start again.

Other stuff:

I nearly didn’t buy a book today, but luckily finished JPod off… that only leaves 4 unread books to go then. ergh. reading is hard work.

Xmas came and went, the family undid presents and I bounced on the trampoline with the 7yr old niece. I’m 34. I see nothing wrong with that picture.  

My bro got a satnav system and then asked me to take him to Ikea. Go figure.

I bought a new shower curtain. My life couldn’t get any more extreme.

configuring wireless routers is ‘rocket science’.

2008 will be the year of ebay.


3 thoughts on “day 27: 45k 168up

  1. I liked it initially, for the realism, his characters would totally read, Generation X or MicroSerfs. I liked it in the same sense that I wish people in Eastenders would occasionally sit down in the front room and watch an episode of Eastenders… its just not real otherwise is it? (I don’t watch EE btw)

    then he (Coupland) reappeared later on in the book and I thought ‘ergh’… but I guess he’d just faced the big author ‘no-no’ of adding himself into the story, and thought ‘sod it! this stir a few people up’. I guess a multi-book deal and several million sales, gives one an air of confidence to write whatever they like, and I’m all for people that go against the grain and challenge thoughts 🙂

    I have his ‘The Gum Thief’ to read too some time. I like contemporary writings, I can’t get into stuff that is in another world to the one I exist in.

  2. You know I liked hearing the authors voice directly addressing his own characters. But then it went on until he was just using himself as another character. A plain old character could have done the job. If your going to use yourself then make the most of it. Re ‘another world’, I don’t think the people in Jpod are living in the same reality I am!

    I’ve got ‘All Families Are Psycotic’ to try next…

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