cars, words and DVDs

I used to be a member of a DVD (through the post) club… I took advantage of a 3month free offer and had about 30 or so DVDs in that time through the door, as soon as they wanted payment, I ‘opted’ out. Now its about 2 years later and I’ve just recieved another 3 months free offer through the door again. Soooo …. I’m back on their books and recieving another batch of freebies. This wkend I’ve had ‘Dear Wendy’ and ‘Clerks II’ through the door. I’m looking forward to the next few months!

I’m also waiting to hear back from a woman about a car too. Its frustrating, because I want to get there and check it out and buy it asap, but she’s not answering her phone atm and all I can do is leave messages etc. But buying cars is like playing chess (I can’t play chess btw) … if you give away that you’re desperate, it puts you in a weaker negotiating position. Grrr. Phone me woman!!

I’m up to 27,000 words with my writing, and i’m pleased to have crossed the half way mark after 15 days bang on schedule. Not having Sky really helps, I lost too many hours to that bloody thing. I’m looking forward to keeping up with the word count much easier now.

ok, thats it.. nothing else to report. (phone me woman!) 


2 thoughts on “cars, words and DVDs

  1. The thing with cars is that they are actually pests. They suck up your time, your money, and the morally superior feeling you get from NOT contributing to global warming.

    But I still love my car very much.

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