Tune in my head.

Without a melody its useless, so maybe I’ll type one up later. 

Chord sequence:
C/ G/ Bb/ F/
C/ G/ Bb/ F/
C/ G/ Bb/ F/
C/ G/ Bb/ F/
D/// F/// D/// F/ G (1 beat rest/mute)

C                    G
what can we do
Bb                             F
to make your life a little more comfortable
C                    G
what can we say
                        Bb                                          F
when there’s 50,000 people and they’re all facing the other
C                     G                                           Bb
way, And if a picture paints a thousand words
                               F                        C
then what does it take for one of us to be heard,
when we’re older
               Bb                                         F
and you never thought you’d ever go there,
see all the things, the faces, the places and
F                                              G
you’ve only got a minute to waste.


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