its become human!!

New technology comes along all the time and rarely does it do anything to change our traditional ways. But one for me has. I mentioned Buzzword before and I’m just re-stating it again now. Word is now a dirty app for me now, I hate it and I rarely use it, and when I have to (no net connection) I feel like I’m littering my machine with little viruses. I’m that serious about it. Maybe its my mentality / obsession of keeping crap off my hard drive, maybe its more that I’m taking writing more seriously? I’m not 100% sure. But BW has changed the way I work. And I’m stoked about it… its replaced how I used private wiki’s for storing pages of info. Now lets get this straight, Google Docs is simply Word (with sharing) online. But BW isn’t Google Docs, but ‘better’. BW is completely new. Sure it does the same basic things, but its in another league. Sure its got a few annoyances, but its made starting a new Doc something special again. Never before have I wanted to get loads of Docs into it to fill up my ‘organiser’ (list of files) … it actually feels wrong to have it empty. BW has had so much human thought put into it, that it feels like I’m cheating on it if it remains empty or unused! The bloody thing has become human, like a car can become to people (with those head lamp eyes and grill mouth) . Its an odd feeling. Its great knowing that I never have to email a document home or stick it on a flash drive to keep working on it. All I need for it to be perfect is there to be an offline version available too!


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