Day 13: 1000 up

Ooo… 3rd post today. Well after a disasterous wkend and pretty much getting bugger all done, I’ve been playing catch up and now I’m on the 22200 mark. Which is aaaaaamazing, cause upto today I was still a day behind… and now I’m a grand infront. I did manage to pull out this stunning recovery due to a cunning backup plan of using some emergency content. However with the secret munition spent, I’ve gotta pull me finger out big time to prevent this slippage happening again. Its bloody easy to be slack at this, and once behind on the word count, getting ahead is incredibly difficult. Some times I just sit there with a mental block, cause I can’t remember what I’ve typed and back reading will take too long. I guess that’s the whole point of forever walking forwards!

I’ve learned I can type dialogue forever.


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