Day 9: 1664 down

Today was a bad day. Actually today was ok, yesterday was the sucker punch to the abdomen. My cars been declared officially dead at 10am this morning. There was a heartbeat for a few days, and I swear it was swimming towards the light for all it could muster. But alas, it is no more. I’m holding a wake in my garage for a few days, before hauling the stripped of spare parts carcass to the breakers, whereby I shall be removing the wheels (breakers don’t accept tyres anymore due to EU regulations on commercial recycling not being in place yet and the consistent law breaking of burning the things, caring not whether the ozone layer is 3miles thick or 3 inches thick) However whilst on that note, here’s how the laws of the land continue to grow to the absurd, as recycling centres across england ‘can’ accept tyres from scrapped cars, however they can only accept 4 tyres at a time by the same person. This would be fine, if a car came with 4 tyres, but they dont’, they come with 5 (the spare, see?). Which means that people have to make 2 trips to the recycling centre, dumping the tyres, if they happen to scrap a car. However if you get a friend to take 1 or 2 in their car and drive with you, then that’s ok. Stupid isn’t it? Welcome to England.

So, back to writing. Yeah yesterday I got nothing done. And today I’ve made up for it, but not enough to be back on schedule. Tomorrow eve I’m out for a few hours, so I’m not likely to catch up then either… and possibly not Tuesday either cause i’m off to Llandaff, or something like that in Wales all day.

ok I’m done. bye


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