Day 7: 100 up

Its mid day 7 and I’m 100 ahead. Notching up a respectable 11,700 words so far. Yesterday I did pretty much nothing, because of work and then an evening out with the boys. Oh and I u-turned the plot back to how I want it to be, I simply couldn’t continue in the ‘wrong’ direction, no matter how much I tried to fight it.


6 thoughts on “Day 7: 100 up

  1. I’m sure that the beginning is all about getting into a routine. Maybe you have to purge all the words out so you can eventually see the vision of where you want to be. I’d say just writing something is better than doing nothing. Keep going so by the time it hits Jan maybe you can look back and sift through things a bit. Well done mate. It can’t be easy.

  2. Hacking hacking hacking…

    Ooo whats going on here then? Is this that competition where you have to try and write 80,000 words in a month? Or are you just making yourself write a novel?

    Oh and I’ve favourited you now so I’ll find out if you reply 😉

  3. yes, lots of words a month, that’s the plan. I’ll do it too, I’m only 10 days in tho, and its not that hard really. Yeah I’m in Bath most wkends, its like (retail) therapy. Congrats on the hacking!

  4. Ooooo I knew someone was going to ask that!
    Its a (true story) tale based on a guy I know from Bath, that had to take a bag of guns on the train to Paddington in order to pay his rent. Its contemporary and insightful yet not a thriller… is just a tale of someone thats wrapped up in a desperate life and wants a way out. Oh and I’m woefully behind on my daily word count now… I gotta rack up some serious qwerty in the coming days to get back on track!

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