Day 5: infront

Where am I at? As of last night I was just over 8500 words, I’m approx a day and a bit ahead of schedule. Which is nice, but doesn’t mean I can take a day off quite yet. I’m finding due to the lack of motivation (remember I was on hold for aaages?), I have trouble starting ie: sitting myself down and thinking of something to write, but once I figure something out and get into it, I can easily fly past my target. I’ve realised that as long as I end on a sentence or para that will inspire me the next time I look at it, then I’m ok.

Todays count it about 500 words, not much, but ‘every little helps’ (pats his arse like an Asda advert) and the day isn’t over yet, I’ll be doing much more tonight.
Oh and one problem I’ve got is, I’m writing along a plot, but have mentally changed my mind to the original idea I had and now I want to revert back to it. I’m not sure whether to start hacking the previous paragraphs back the way I want now, or to suddenly switch the plot, or to continue with the one I’ve got and worry about it in the second draft. I’m thinking I could just switch now and worry about it later? thats probably best. My inner editor is clearly getting in the way!

One thing that I’ve realised about writing in this way, which is totally new to me: I’m a creative person, but inventing pictures in my head with words is something totally alien, and quite refreshing. Its not for everyone, but its a weird sensation. A bit like being able to create life. Odd feeling that. Inventing a character is a really bizarre feeling, I’ve never thought in that much depth about unreal people before.

done + out = bye


2 thoughts on “Day 5: infront

  1. It’s not necessarily a word count I’m targeting every day (and I do write every day, often 7 days a week), it’s a sense that I’ve accomplished ENOUGH, that I’ve learned something or improved some aspect of my writing. If I feel at the end of the day that I’ve done good work, the best I’m capable of, I can put my head down on the pillow and have a reasonable expectation of getting to sleep before dawn. If it’s been a rough day, a lazy day, an uninspired day…well, I’d rather not talk about that…

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