Day 2: I’m behind.

Well I’ve started what I threatened to do however it didn’t begin quite how I hoped it would and probably won’t end how I planned it either. I’d decided that December was a good month to write as could use the holiday time over xmas to total up the word count and also because I couldn’t contain myself any longer. The plan to start in January 08, was too far away and killing me. The over all motivation from last month had disappeared and now I’m left with a mental plateau to begin and continue.

The morning of the 1st didn’t go to well, I had to get up and rush out and get my car tax as well as pay some bills and transfer some money, arrange a meet and then head to bristol. It had always been my intention to just wake up, not switch on the tv and not have anything planned and bury my head in the laptop, not surfacing until at least 5,000 words had been notched up… giving me a grand headstart on my 1667 words a day target. The result after day 1? zero. Why? Because I’d almost talked myself out of Dec being the month to start. Dec is filled with evenings out at the pub with mates and xmas lunches and running about shops at the wkend buying any old tat to give to relatives for one day. Not good, when I’d never even written 1600+ words in one shift, let alone committing every day of the month to it.

Soooo… where am I at? before I tell you, I’ll state that i’ve just marked out on the calendar my word count for every day of the month from 1667 to 50010 for 30 days, I’m planning on marking on it my achievement, so I can clearly see whether I’m on target or not.

Today is the 2nd and I’m on 2218 words. This is impressive, because it wasn’t until about 6pm today did I finally give in to my resistance and start ‘chapter 1’. In order to be on target for tomorrow I have to complete another 1100 ish words tonight.. and at 800 words an hour and it being 9:30pm right now… I have to say that its doable, but I’m not ‘feeling it’ right now because I’ve already been sat here for the past few hours typing. (move to the desk Mark?). Oh and now I’m here typing, when I could be adding up my word count?!? idiot. Grrr.

Sooo… as I haven’t started as I planned, and knowing that Dec is probably the worst month on the planet to begin this task, my hopes of staying on track are mental already fading, however I don’t care, and I’m happy to over run into January, if I have to… I still plan to write this thing in 30 days, it just might not be 30 consecutive days 😉

bye – gotta go.


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