Whats the (buzz)word?

Buzzword is great… and (clearly like adobe), I’m converted too. I bet steve jobs wished he saw this one first. For those that don’t know, its a piece of paper… a nice piece of paper… that you actually want to look at, oh and click all the little icons and menu options. Yes really, you’ll want to, because you’re no just clicking a button, you’re being treated to a ‘feature’. You have to have a go for yourself to see what I mean. (ok maybe not) I think it could also mean it changes how I type. Currently I either sit at a desk, or with a laptop… with Buzzword, I want to buy a wireless keyboard, set my laptop on the coffee table, press F11 for that full screen effect, adjust the buzzword font to 200%, then sit back and type away in comfort.

If web apps are going to start getting this good… then wow, I can’t wait.


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