Donnie Darkos parental nipple control

I love the scene in Donnie Darko where he is told to decide ‘on the line’ a moral position based on Fear and Love.

Family Woe.

Hello. I’m Judge Judy. Actually I’m not, but I’m definitely an Umpire, between adults with communication issues. I blame the parents. No actually I blame my parents parents. And if I knew them, I’d probably blame my parents parents parents too.

You know when at school someone said ‘you tell them’, ‘no you tell them’, ‘I’m not doing it, you tell them’ etc…. for an infinite amount of time until the day ends, and no-one got told anything. Well its feckin childish, and for adults to do it, is even more childish. Hmm…. the older we get the more childish we become? (needs more thought that one) …. anyways… its bent, and I don’t wanna play that game. I’d rather be doing something more productive… like watching paint dry.

I think this happens every xmas. Maybe its my visitation timing. Either way, at this time of year a gripe about someone else is let out of the bag and before I know it, I’m being told of how ‘A’ has pissed ‘B’ off, or some other daftness. Buuuut, instead of being adult about it and either clearing the air (which is normally filthy black mucky air full of inaccuracies and heresay) or brushing it off because that person was being a right git or got out of the right side of the wrong bed that day, they instead moan and whinge and bitch and gossip further until they’re wound up in to such a head fuck that, clarity is about as transparent as a set of marmite contact lenses.

I am a preacher man. A karma postman if you will. And I can’t count the number of times I tell people that if you’re not happy with anything in your life, don’t moan about it, change it. because anything ‘i’ and ‘me’ connected, is the only thing we are in control of… we can’t control anything else with a brain. Think about it. If you don’t like it, change you, not them, and save yourself a lifetime of headache and pointless stressing. Or don’t try and change anything, just accept that a few people are always going to be a couple currants short of a pancake and move on.

energy in = energy out.

right, my nipples are cold… I’m off to tescos.


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