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For the last 7-8 (maybe more) years now I’ve been writing religiously about whatever comes into my head. A constant stream of text about nothing particular. Year in, year out, for months and months, for as long as I can remember. I struggle to think back to a time when I wasn’t typing something daily. Whether that be HTML code, or emails or thoughts in my head. God knows what the word count would be if I could add it all up. If a 200page book is 50,000 words, then I’d easily guess that at least 50 books would have been filled, maybe that’s a gross under estimate, maybe 100 books!

The most recent revelation I’ve made is the fact that all this typing has been in vain because its been largely directionless. There’s been no plan , there’s been no plot or consistent stream of thought that can tie everything together. This realisation, has been a bolt of lightening to me. I’ve been writing and writing and writing and yet I’ve never ever ‘written’. By that I mean considered writing as a writer would. A proper writer, one that gets paid and published. Could I do that?

I’ve threatened people in conversation many times that I would love to write a book. But brushed it off as a residue to my purely digital lifestyle that largely delivers nothing physical for all my efforts. Think about it, consider this in your life too. What do you do that is physical, what do you produce that will remain long after you’ve lived? Is there anything? Think about it. Is all you want after you die, is a grave stone and some fading memories by grandchildren? (if that). By ‘you’ here, I’m talking about ‘me’ as well. Are we all assuming that Facebook will still be around after we’ve popped our clogs and remain as a constant RIP to ours digital lifestyle? Or by then will we have to set up a trust fund for server maintenance to ensure that our Second Life headstone will remain for eternity, whilst our relatives are forced to pay a £20 a go visitation rights to Tescos, who by then will surely own all graveyards on and offline, with the red, white and blue, marketing entrance headline ‘Helping you spend less, everyday”? 

So I’ve decided to stop all this nonsense and go ahead and write something like I’ve always threatened / dreamt I could do, if only I had the time / motivation to do it. But I know I will drag this out for years if I don’t set a deadline and some ridged targets. So I’ve decided I’ll write 1667 words everyday for 30days straight, until I hit 50,000 words…then I’ll stop. What’s left will be the first draft of my book. This book will most likely be rubbish, read by no-one other than me. I’ll take 2 wks off… not even glancing at it, then start a rewrite, which will take a lot longer. However unless I produce a literary miracle with the first draft, it is mostly to be the second draft that ‘anyone’ will ever get to read. I’m currently reading stuff to get a better grip of wurdz, spellin, n shit…. And also to absorb all the magical mental powers of the other authors through their pages in order for me to be able to attempt this amazing / stupid task.

Looking to start writing at Christmas… I’ve decided the holiday time will be good to get a head start on the word count.


7 thoughts on “write something here

  1. yeah I’m already considering blogging the whole thing entirely, not for the reason of blooking, but so I will have access to the manuscript wherever I am in the world (home, work, prison, funerals, space, hell etc). Thanks for the heads up tho. Stopped by your blog, enjoyed and got confused at the ‘register’ button… why? is your place like an exclusive club or something? like the masons, fightclub or bingo? bloody hell, masonic fighting number enthusiasts… I never knew they existed until now. I love the Internets!

  2. ‘Once upon a time…’

    Scratch that.

    ‘It was a dark and stormy night…’

    Scratch that.

    ‘In a galaxy far, far away…’

    What’s your first line going to be? Aren’t you supposed to write the first chapter last?

    There was this great website I saw once laid out a bit like a book. It was a forum site for people who were all trying to write a certain amount of words and they posted up bits they had written on their profiles and had word countdowns. It would be really useful at this point if I could remember it, but I can’t. How pointless of me.

  3. It could be http://www.nanowrimo.org , cause that’s the one that’s inspired me to give it a go 😀 Or maybe its http://www.bookglutton.com ? That’s bookish to look at, or maybe you’ve been on the parcetamol and nightnurse too much and made it all up?

    I might start the opening sentence with the last sentence of the book ‘… and then she woke up and realised it was all a dream’.

    I don’t think its been done before.

  4. Sounds like a great idea Mark. But hard work…
    And as long as it is readable (grammatically so, I mean), then it doesn’t matter what the structure or format is. So be as creative as you like.
    Looking forward to reading the final draft. ;o)

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