Dad: get a life (online)

ok I think I’ve done it. I think I’ve cracked a way to totally flip my dads life around, introduce him to the wonderful world of internetwebland… and spark passion into getting up in the morning and doing stuff. This is what happened recently:

Firstly, whilst I was waiting for some software to download on his computer, I decided to set up a blog on I posted a message, saying who he is and what he’s into and that people should email him if they’re into the same sort of things. The next thing I did was, do a quick search for things that he’s into and dropped a few url shortcut on to his desktop and hope he see’s and clicks them.

Soooo imagine my surprise when he rolls up next to next at my bro’s fireworks do, and says ‘hey, I know what I’ve been meaning to ask you’ … and then launches into a whole flow of conversation about what links I found and all the connecting stuff he discovered whilst clicking about on various links and pages. W00t! I thought. Result. That’s exactly what i was hoping for, and more… in fact I never thought he’d be so gushing about it all … and I guess I never thought the links I found were that stunning either.

Next up… he’s picking me up from the train station and I launch ‘phase 2’…  I try to explain what he’s discovered; ‘imagine all those people in a room, if you were in that room too, you’d be talking to them all’ (he agrees) ‘well, they are technically in a room or ‘space’, but instead of talking to each other they’re just sharing typed knowledge’ (he’s glazing over, but I’m not stopping) …. ‘well, if you typed out all your knowledge, and I put it online on a website, then you too would become part of that conversation and they would be able to access all your knowledge like you did to theirs’.

His reaction was a slow penny dropping type… he can type stuff, he’s done a mountain of lyric sheets before, and he enjoyed it. I proposed going through all his photo albums and newspaper cuttings and either he, or with my help, scanning them and adding some words of his memories to go with it. Once done I can put it online, and eventually I can get him doing it all. He’s liking the idea and getting excited… I keep going…. ‘you know all that music gear you have in the attic?, well how about photographing all that stuff too and getting it online?’ He’s in deep, ‘bloody hell, yeah that’ll be great’ thought now.

Hoo-bloody-ray… I left the thought with him and won’t mention it anymore… I know how his brain works and he’ll either ‘want’ to do it, and start the preparation straight away and let me know of his progress, or ‘forget’ (conveniently) about it and never mention it again and hope I won’t mention it either, because its too scarey a task for him to complete.

This is great news over all. I think once I get him going on this, it’ll be a total snowball effect and it’ll roll on and on. More news as I have it, but things are looking up for the old man. Today was a good day 🙂


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