where is your ‘place’?

theres a line in the film Unbreakable where bruce is told to ‘go to a public place’ and he ‘will know what to do’.

I like that line… because its a line of thought that I have about we’re all supposed to go to our ‘place’ and we will ‘know what to do’.

The ‘place’ for us all, is the place where we all feel comfortable. I don’t think people realise how important this ‘place’ is. Or indeed that we even have a ‘place’. We’re often so busy trying to find out where we should be that we over look the obvious.

The ‘place’ we need to be at… is the place that we feel most comfortable. We could just be at that place for a few moments of thought, or we could be there for many years. But its important that we realise it, and not to skirt around it. I’ve made this connection with people in my life and have noticed it about people that aren’t in my life too. I have an example, one of someone I don’t know. I mentioned a while back about this guy that I’ve been watching on youtube, called ian. I find his videos interesting, because he’s questioning everything and concluding whats right for him and his head. But his background is the example I want to talk about, I’ll connect the videos in a second.

He’s an actor… has had a few parts in some good scripts and has an imdb profile. Like many aspiring actors he waits tables for money… and finally he has a frequently updated channel on youtube.

Whether he’s aware of it or not, the ‘place’ he feels most comfortable is with an audience. whether that’s eyes on him as an actor, eyes on him as a waiter or talking to an ever growing audience of subscribers on youtube. He’s even mentioned about his urges to connect with people visually through stikam… further strengthening the clearly obvious that he ‘needs’ an audience, as its the place that he feels most comfortable.

I believe we all have this. And if we look at the choices we make in life, we should be able to see similar patterns.

If I look at my own life, I know I’m at my happiest when I’m helping someone do something that they previously deemed difficult or impossible. Which is why I’m so attracted to doing the computer training work, which is why I drop everything for someone else if they express their need for my help…. and which is why I feel very comfortable being accessible and loved by many, rather than the primary focus and attention of one.

For as long as it takes I know I will be in this zone… I can’t change it, and don’t want to change it, until it feels right to change naturally.

can you see your ‘place’… are you always going where you feel comfortable? if you’re not, then I think you should…. and if you are, then you can probably identify with much of what I’m saying here.


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