Blogger wrong email problem.

Here’s a solution to a problem I found on new Blogger accounts. If you sign up for a blog and accidently use the wrong / incorrect email address, you won’t be able to confirm your address or log in to the help section to try and solve the problem. Here’s how to fix it:

log in using the wrong email address
go to Settings > Permissions > Add Authors

Invite yourself with the correct email address.

Close the browser, Click the invite email link and either log in or create a new account if you dont’ have one. There will now be two accounts registered under that blog name. Now you’ll need to change the premissions of the users.

Log back out, then log back in with the old (wrong) email address…

Then go to Settings > Permissions and assign ‘admin’ permissions to the new account.

Log out again, and log back in with the new account, go to settings > permissions once more and remove the first (wrong) account.

Hope this helps someone…. took me ages to figure it out… and their help files suck.

mark 🙂


One thought on “Blogger wrong email problem.

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I helped set up a blog for an older friend, and we put the email address in wrong. We just spent all day last Friday trying to get in, and the ‘help’ emails from blogger never arrived in her inbox. There really is no way to contact them for help like what you’ve provided! Ridiculous!
    In any case, it worked and we’re in now. so again, THANK YOU!

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