stupid youth trends

fuck!!!! fuck fuckfuckfuckfuckf fuckfudckfuckfudkghfekfufkfdjvfhnfjkfjg!!!!

fucking hell I wanted to beat the living shit out of someone today. And they didn’t even do anything …. they were just being themselves (whatever the hell ‘themselves’ were, because they certainly have no fucking clue!)

So …. about 3 years ago.. this kid rolls into the skatepark.. a nice enough guy, tho a little quiet and not quite found his place in the world… and slowly over the course of those years he’s tried to give himself a ‘cool identity’, which pretty much amounts to doing fuck all to actually become a cool person whereby people look up to them and ‘want’ to be around… noooooo…. all they did was follow every fad going in the hope that people will ‘think’ they are actually a super duper rad person to be around.


Now I’m saying ‘fuck’ a lot because I’ve watched this guy, pretty much fuck up his life… hang on….. think about that for a second …. LIFE…. yep that’s right… I’m not talking the next few years, or the next decade…. but all his fucking life…. fucked up…. permanently irreversibly. fucked up.

Christ knows what pain the guys parents are going through…. maybe that’s the point…. maybe they don’t give a shit at all.

Now i’m all for individuality…. and wanting to be different…. but not when its irreversible body modification that can’t be hidden and stays with you until you die. Even a fucking tattoo across your forehead saying ‘idiot’ is reversible! And whilst I’m on the subject… today I saw the outline of his new tattoo, that’ll make him ultra cool ….. costing £360. fucking christ on a bike… this guys seriously giving out some massive cries for help.

ok I’m done (I’m not really) .. but I want another glass of wine.



One thought on “stupid youth trends

  1. men often regret their stupidities they’ve done when they were younger. and eventually, when they’ve grown up and have kids, try to teach their kids not to mess up. but it’s a cycle. teenage boys always mess up. =)

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