Ultimate Blog Posts

As I sat in a cafe the other day, I thought about blog posts, and how to write a good one. I thought about why people search and read blogs too, in a hope of figuring out why things have to be a certain way in order to be successful. Here’s what I came up with:

Why do people read blogs?

  1. Searching for information
  2. Looking to meet people
  3. Killing time
  4. Looking for inspiration

When do people feel rewarded?

  1. when they’ve gained knowledge
  2. when they’re entertained
  3. When they can associate with the writer
  4. When they leave the site motivated

Therefore, blogs must contain:

  1. Accurate research
  2. humour (personality)
  3. opinion (educated?)
  4. Positive empowerment (messages and morals)

In Detail:

  1. 5 good links on the subject
  2. personal humourous experiences
  3. solid conclusions that ‘lift’ the reader
  4. a reason to return

Reasons to return:

  1. Teaser – forthcoming topics
  2. *Incentives (polls, competitions, community)
  3. a continuing story
  4. revealing golden assets

* Good blogs shouldn’t rely on incentives and in most cases are unnecessary, however they do apply and work.

Revealing Golden Assets:

  1. photos of the writers life/experiences
  2. releasing exclusive content (interviews, press-releases etc)
  3. producing unique material (music, videos, podcasts)
  4. Dialogue with visitors

This is only a light list, and I don’t go into much detail. E.g.: another reason to return is ‘frequently updated’ … however I like the look of 4 points per list, so I’m not changing it. I might expand on this list later, cause I could easily write a para on each point.


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