love creation

be the creater. of content. of substance. of ideas. of physical. of mental. create. every time I create, I feel good. whenever I reguritate what already exists, I feel like I’m cheating. cheating me, cheating you. they are different energies. they affect me in different ways. I’ve only just realised their effect on me. Its powerful. we can exist and not be aware and suffer because of it. or we can exist, in awareness and benefit from it.

this is why I write. this is why I’m putting everything online. this is why I have to constantly share everything I have. this is why I struggle to consume. why I battle with materialism. why I resent being a cog. why I continually, continually go against the grain, in everything I do, to the extent that your jaw would drop if you knew it.


simple inner thoughts, have massive external outcomes.


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