Vista speed tweaks…

I just found these tips for speeding up Vista. This is a note to myself to go through the list when I’m in the office again… any Vista users out there, might want to do the same:


One thought on “Vista speed tweaks…

  1. So… I haven’t used a Windows based machine at work for about 4 years, while at home I probably haven’t used a Windows based machine for almost 8 years. Now, there is a reason for this, I am by no means a Microsoft hater but lets just say I don’t enjoy using their products. (any of them)

    So, long story short, I’m a mac man through and through.

    Last week my iBook died, it was only aproaching three years old, so macs it would appear aren’t flawless either. That being said, it has been all round the world with me and taking a pretty
    hard beating so I can’t complain too much.

    Anyway! today I borrowed a brand new Acer laptop from work. This plasticy, sicker covered, cheaply boxed thing didn’t apear so bad until I got into Vista… COMPLETE SHIT! I’ve never used a less responsive, slower, or less intuative OS in my life… not impressed at all… absolute rubbish! M$ you’re getting worse MUCH worse!

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