a day full of needles…

today I’ve had an accupuncture session. Its been my second one. And sadly its not doing much for me. I’m not a fan of needles, and definitely not a fan of needles stuck in my leg, being wiggled about to stimulate my ‘I can feel that!!’ nerve endings. I think my shoulder is just buggered. And not even a bed of nails is going to cure that.

I also had a back massage, because I have lower back pain. This was very nice indeed and I plan on having more of them in future. Aparently I have a ‘inner tension’… this was a suprise to me, because I feel great about life, don’t have a particularly stressful life and have good health, no vices to speak of and exercise regularly. If there is tension in my back its probably more to do with the muscle stretches I do at the gym. But anyways… It sure feels good to be beaten about a bit by a rather stocky chinese woman, in white leather cork effect heeled shoes sporting nicely painted toe nails.

The worse thing about having the sessions, was their bad broken english, I’m certain if we both shared the same mother tongue I’d understand the importance of what they’re trying to tell me.

I also went to the dentist, and had an injection and filling… and was told to floss regularly.

I’m 34 and still resent my parental upbringing in the teeth dept.

Afterwards I went to the charity shop and bought a top for £3.95… and I’m now about to wash my ‘whites’.


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