What would you do with £5m?

I found out through my parents that a family down the road from them won £5m on the lottery. They might buy a new car, a new home (and rent the old one) … and erm, that’s it for now. Its made me think about what i’d do with £5m.

I think the last time I thought about this was when the lottery first started and I used to place a pound a week on it with my work mates.

I haven’t thought about it since.

Here’s the shopping list:

£500k I think would be blown on my friends and family… plus some pointless purchases for myself. (holiday etc)

A new home or 2 would be bought as well. Cause you can’t go wrong with property after all – £500k

I’d then consider about some bigger projects that would make me happy. Throwing a chunk in to CH, to kick start that off. £200k would dribble in over the course of several 6monthly periods, for a few years, on marketing, advertising and product stock.

An animation idea I have would get some investment – £200k

I’d invest in some skateparks, obviously get some big ramps built specifically. £250k would do it.

Also the money would buy me some time… to focus on things I want to do. At least a years worth of time. That’ll probably be £100k or so.

I’d like to fund a project overseas, helping disadvantaged people in some way. A poor country/community, something like that.

I’d like to start a magazine. Dunno what. But I’d love to give it a go.

I think clearly the main thing about all my choices is they’d be selfless. I’d like it to give me financial stability primarily, then ultimately use it to the benefit of others.

maybe setting up some kind of venture capital fund for people trying to get their own projects off the ground, yet minus all the tedious paperwork that traps so many people into failing before they’ve already started.

Ooo… setup a recording studio too 🙂 … I can’t believe I nearly forgot that one!


2 thoughts on “What would you do with £5m?

  1. Ooooooh okay so I’ve got £5 million here’s the breakdown:

    £200,000 spending spree, new car, pay off student loans, credit cards etc. holiday, all the Apple stuff I want, plasma tv etc. etc. buy stuff for friends and family.

    £100,000 on living for a year to develop and do pre-production on a feature length film script.

    £1 million on shooting the feature script on 35mm.

    £250,000 on a post-production studio and sound stage.

    £1 million on three or four properties

    £300,000 on a home for KT and I.

    £200,000 on 2 years of pimping the film around the film festivals.

    £1 million on paying off KTs parent’s mortgages and buying a holiday home for my parents.

    £250,000 buying a holiday home for KT and I in the USA.

    With the remaining mil I’d sit on it or possible invest a little in other peoples projects that I wanna be involved in etc.


  2. I’ve sometimes thought about what I’d do if I won the lottery (which, by the way, is a logical impossibility as I’ve never bought a ticket!). But hypothetically speaking, if I did win, I would be absolultely sh**ting myself. The problem with so much money is that you have to justify how to spend it, and with so much to spend it on, even 5million won’t go that far. How do you justify spending it on your family and friends and speculative projects over giving it all to charity? And just think how many letters etc. You would receive, each asking for a small slice of your winnings… and it wouldn’t just be the occassional unaddressed envelope through the door from the red cross, it would be a deluge. You would have people phoning you up, emailing you, asking for meetings, providing suggestions; it would be relentless. And then you suddenly find that old ‘friends’ start showing up more, and your best friends showing up less, and soon a paranoia will overcome you as to who really liked you for being you…

    I have trouble spending what little money I have because I worry that I’m not generous enough with it, give me a few million and I would probably end up in a lunatic asylum.

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