BBC news opinions…

I’ve wanted for ages to write about news stories.

Stuff that I see and hear on the BBC news or (what little) papers I read. I like this idea, because I have an opinion on everything… it might not be much, but its something, and I also think it would be interesting to do. But it has to be done in the right way. The way I thought would be cool, is if I reproduced the BBC website homepage and replaced all the blocks of their text with my own opinions the same headline topic. I’ll give it a go now;

Six released in Rhys murder case
In 1988, or sometime around then. The world went a bit nuts. I remember train crashes, earthquakes, floods, crime etc. And its the crime bit that particularly grabbed me. It wasn’t long after drugs started getting thrown about. My mate were telling me of how many E’s and stuff they’d taken at parties, it was the thing to do. Well I recall seeing on tv a kid smashing a car window with a brick and diving head first through the glass and stealing something out of the car. Car insurance went mental. It rocketed up and we all started buying bright yellow steering lock devices to save ourselves from these ‘druggie yobs’. At the time I remember thinking about how might be in the future… and how kids might get wrapped up in serious criminal stuff if something wasn’t done about it.

Greek forest fires reward offered
The rumour is that the land was set on fire to clear large areas of land so developers could build on it. That’s a cunning idea of side stepping the planning dept. hey? I’ve always thought that there’s laws, and then there’s common sense.. and common sense ‘always’ wins in some way eventually (karma). I’m guessing the planning laws were so frustrating, when there was a clear demand for properties. I’ve also thought about news stories like this give people ideas to do things which perhaps should be reported on in the first place. Of course, it could just be forrest fires after all.

Camilla’s memorial move welcomed
I have very little opinion on this, or on Dianas event. I do think its bent tho that Camilla ‘can’t’ go and attend, because the media will twist it to be tasteless.

… is it selfish to be happy when there’s suffering in the world?
No. Its selfish to be happy when you’re surrounded by suffering people. I don’t think suffering people thousands of miles away are worried about whether I’m happy or not, or even if I’m selfish or not… they have far bigger things to worry about, like eating and staying alive. People who worry about, whether we’re worrying enough over people we cannot see, hear, reach or save, probably have never been anywhere near that sort of suffering, to discover what would really ease their situation.

Opium for sale A rare look inside an Afghanistan drugs market
Drugs sell, people make money, drugs remove people from the stresses their life. Afghanistan isn’t the happiest place in the world right now. I’m not surprised opium is doing well.

ahh…. liked that….. I might do more of these in future.


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