$84m waste of time.

I absolutely love hearing about stories like this:

“A MELBOURNE schoolboy has cracked the Federal Government’s new $84 million internet porn filter in minutes. Tom Wood, 16, said it took him just over 30 minutes to bypass the Government’s filter, released on Tuesday. ”


I wrote aaaages ago my opinion about how corporations will ‘have’ to employ kids eventually to ensure their systems are adequate. Stories like this prove that money, age, status, qualifications, responsibilities, laughing at the bosses jokes, and generally sucking up in a company has nothing to do with being competent at your job.

When it comes to computers… security… is like trying to keep the universe in a bucket.


4 thoughts on “$84m waste of time.

  1. Good on him!! Makes me wonder though about the intricacies of the actual filter itself and also how he got round it. I’m imagining he set up a proxy on a machine outside the country and then rerouted his port 80 traffic to a different port on that proxy… I love hearing shit like this too and it ties into that conversation we were having the other day about policing the net.

  2. yeah I saw that… tho its not the same in my eyes. The $84m story could have been achieved by any 16yr old anywhere in the world freely and could effect anyone and everyone that used that filter. In the iPhone story first you had to be able to afford one, be able to buy one, then be able to have sufficient knowledge of circuitry to modify it, and once all that work is done, its only benefit is for that one person. The only similarity is the age range. I guess it is the same in a way… but for some reason I read the first story, chuckle and think good on you mate, and I read the second story and think, ‘yeah, so what… you modified the hardware!?!’ … I think its the ease of tweaking too. 30mins on a software hack…. compared to a coupla weeks on a hardware hack. The 2 aren’t the same to me. I’m probably wrong tho.

  3. My take on the iPhone thing is, “why bother” whereas my take on filter thing (like mark) was “haha good on him”. I think the difference is kinda what mark was saying but not exactly. My feelings about the iPhone is what’s the point because all the lovely features that apple worked so closely with AT&T to get working (such as IMAP email push from Yahoo! and three way phone confrencing etc.) won’t be available on other networks so… back to my original reaction, why bother? All he has gained is a lost summer holiday, a bit of press attention, a lost warrenty of a VERY pricey phone, and a flashy phone on a network which doesn’t provide the services that make it really different from other “smart phones”.

    Bahhhhh I’m probably just being a grumpy Mac fan lol But I will say this, the kids hack of the porn filter was cool because it felt like the little man beating someone who was trying to restrict his access to information (however obcene) while the iPhone thing smacks of one-up-manship… ”

    Anywho… bother interested me enough to write all that crap above.


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