Knowledge ain’t power…

I really dislike (I’m trying note to use the word ‘hate’ in life) the phrase knowledge is power. I was trying to work out whether the word ‘power’ was the issue, but I think its the whole phrase. I’m thinking that knowledge is only useful if shared… so should the phrase be ‘sharing is power’? No… cause the word power is wrong. Its negative. I guess I’m trying to think up a right way of saying knowledge is power, but with the right words.

whenever the phrase knowledge is power, has been used, its to try to gain an advantage or upper hand over someone else. And I don’t like that.

‘power’ is that sense is wrong. Its likened with ‘control’ … and knowledge is seen as a bad thing.

knowledge is great, but useless without sharing it. sharing is powerful.

haha.. yeah that’s it.. I’ve got it.

knowledge is power <– wrong
sharing is powerful <– right



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