Anyone got a wheelbarrow and a jack hammer?

Is anyone else concerned about the longevity of what we do nowadays, other than me?

Time is pretty swift flowing online, things are changing quickly and trends shift… but I wonder whats going to stick around. I mean I plan on sticking around for the next 40yrs if I’m lucky. Will this blog still be here? my facebook profile, my flickr photos? … is there a longevity plan? Am I supposed to be backing up my flickr acc (I’m going to stop writing question marks everywhere, cause this whole post is one big question).

 So now I’m thinking about timescales.

Consider the Egyptians… they made things last by carving stuff into stone. Building huge structures that lasted until this day…. thousands of years later. Things didn’t take a week to build either, decades, with hundreds of thousands of workers. Thats what I call leaving a mark on the planet.

I saw this show on the discovery channel (or somewhere) about a indian chief that asked an artist to leave a legacy in honour of the chief. He started carving out a statue of the Chief from out of a mountain, the guy continued once the chief had died, and carried on throughout his whole life until he too died. At that point, he managed to get the face completed… and now the task is left to his family to complete. And even more surprising, they intend on finishing it… possibly in a few hundred years time. Its now become the family legacy to the Chief.

How amazing is that??

Now compare that to what we do. How many of us take on a challenge so big, that we won’t see the end result? or maybe our children won’t see the end result? damn… that puts things into perspective a little for me.

Cause in comparison to carving out a mountain, everything I do is a blip on the radar.

Because we’re dripping in instant technology, communication and results, does that mean we should be thinking equally as small? eg; work for a shit load of years, make enough money, retire and die. Job done? How weak and feeble and lazy is that? And even those people that think they’re working to change the world.. well maybe, a little bit, but its no-where near the scale of carving a head into a mountain. Not unless you’re Bono or Bob Geldof I mean.

consider this; I/we/you have a duty to, win/earn our own equivilent of the Noble Prize… however grand, no matter whether it takes our entire life and the life of others. Think big, think bigger than big.. but think measurable and achievable. Then go read what Alf said in his will:



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