life: take a hint sometimes, cause it should be easy.

right here goes,tell me what you think,i want to start goin skating again,not loads just get back into it slowly,last time i was skating i got stuck in a rut of not learning and got very board with it+had an injury,whats ur outlook mark,do you have one?,it does get frustrating to say the least when ur trying to learn tricks and ur constantly going down,maybe just try all my old stuff but get it solid?…help i need motivation here…lol

even you the legend must find it hard,saying that the video on jasons page of you at hengrove is pretty impressive!!!

J(i want to skate better im well rusty!)


nah that’s a good question.

when you lose what you had, it takes twice as much effort to get it back again. But the effort is only worth it, if your heart is in the right place. Sometimes our minds can want something, eg: adrenaline, and the only way we know how to achieve it, is through a certain activity (whatever that may be). But that doesn’t mean we should do it at all… it just means the rush of adrenaline is needed by some means. Now swap out the word adrenaline with another feeling (eg happiness) and apply the same thought, to whatever method you would approach to feed that. Then think of all the different approaches you could possibly take to feed that feeling.

Sooo… I guess I’m saying, just because you have the urge to skate, that doesn’t mean you should be skating, it means that the feeling you loved from skating needs feeding in some way.

If the reward sought after is just a social one, then that’s completely different approach, than if the reward you need is to lands tricks again. The same personal reward can be achieved, by filming, photographing or perhaps just organising an event. The end result is the same, the safety of doing something in the social circle that we’re familar and comfortable with and to some degree we’re doing the activity as well (with none of the pain of slamming etc) 😉

But lets say the reward (or desire) is ‘praise’. Lots skaters are what many refer to as lost souls. They’ve had largely shit lives and probably don’t have parents or family that give a monkeys about them… so in return, they feel like they don’t have much to live for and can happily throw themselves down stairs and handrails all day long not worrying if they live or die. All most of them want (and many other skaters) is praise, acknowledgement for the skills they’ve learned and a few smiles and a bit of attention every now and then. So if the reward is praise, then that can be fed in a number of ways which isn’t really connected to skateboarding in the slightest. The best way to achieve that is by persuing something that we love, and have a knack for, for however long it takes and promoting ourselves gradually during the process. Eventually praise will arrive. Job done.

But that is the long slow hard route to success, many people aren’t prepared to wait that long. Which is fine. Which brings me on to my final(ish) thought…

I tend to think that if life is a real struggle, then fuck it, and give up. You might think thats a bit of a Homer Simpson mentality, and I agree… but I also think the yellow bloke is right.

If something is sooo difficult, painful and years are spent struggling to achieve something, with very little success, apart from a ‘nice feeling’ and ‘a cool circle of friends’ … then is that really what we should be focusing on? I mean really??… it seems to me that, its lifes way of telling us to give something else a go. There’s such a negative conatation to ‘giving up’.. and ‘failing’ etc… but bollocks to all that. We all have limits and accepting our limits and moving on is a much better way to live I think.
Another example; I’m a jack of all bollocks, master? none etc. Not just with skating, but everything I do. I’m cool with that. But regarding skating specifically, I’m at a level where I feel shit on my board regularly, and am losing more tricks than I’m keeping, and gaining more fear than I should be, due to the fact that I can’t skate regularly enough (for various reasons).

For me this means what? well for a start, quit moaning, accept it, and blend into something else that keeps me in the loop and allows me to do whatever I can on a board, when I can and without all the pressure that comes with performing publically. IE: I’m now content to stand on the deck of a platform with a camera, and wait for every one to finish ‘competing’ with each other, and the crowds to die down, before padding up. I like it that way now.

Ok back to you. you say your urge is to start skating again, fair enough, so do it then. why talk about it? But I sense the urge is actually to skate again within a social circle that you’re comfortable with. However I could be wrong again, and the urge to start skating is for another reason entirely. Or maybe I’m completely wrong and you’ve just been watching too many public domain videos and think you probably could be bloody good at skating if only you tried harder at it? I doubt you think that at all. but I’m just making a vague point.

I pretty much never call someone up to skate. I just enjoy going out to skate wherever I want to, and make eye contact with anyone thats in my line of fire. If they seem cool, and aren’t a wazzack, then I’m sparking up a convo. simple. I stopped calling people up to skate probably a decade ago. I think if they want to roll enough, then I’ll run in to them. (fates path and all that jazz)

I don’t think this has answered your question(s)… but it was a good question because it made me question myself (thoughts and actions) … so cheers for that. And if you can gleam anything from these words, then cool.. if not, then meh. ahh well.

I’ve got a bad back atm, so I’m not doing anything.

mark 🙂


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