web 2.go away

As a web designer. The thing I like best about it, is doing as little as possible. I have a slightly obscure process for dealing with people who request a website. I do my best to put them off. They come to me, with all the usual grand ideas and slowly, bit by bit, I break them down until they’re a jibbering mess and settle for a myspace profile instead. My work is done.

y’see, most people who approach me… only ‘think’ they need a website. Whatever its about, a business, a band, personal use etc… it all starts the same way with me, I ask, ‘what are you going to do with it once its built?’ … normally the answer is, they don’t know and it’ll probably just sit there, steering the odd google hitter in their direction should they happen to land on it.

I also ask if it’ll need changing regularly… and if the answer is yes, they’d like to do it themselves, then I point out, they probably aren’t going to be able to do it themselves and they’ll have to pay me to do it for them. Asking if they want to do that, generally returns the answer ‘not really’.

and so it continues…

have you got any photos? no
have you got the text you want on each page written? no
do you have a logo? no

All this just makes my job easier, cause I don’t plan on doing anything y’see. I explain if they don’t have any content, then what the hell are people going to visit their website for? They tend to think that I’m going to produce it all. I smile and say no.

enter stage left: wiki, blog & flickr.

See you in 6mths. Thank the lord for web2.0. The last thing I need is to build another bloody website.


3 thoughts on “web 2.go away

  1. Hilarious. I know exactly what you mean, because I’ve made a site for a church, a charity, and a machine shop. Only one actually had most of the info that I needed up front.

  2. I understand. My uncle came to me a while back with tons of ideas and two sites he wanted me to purchase. I did all the work, but he did have most of the content–though it was incoherent and I had to rewrite most of it.

    I thought it was over when I told him it was done, but no. Then he wanted an email. He wanted to know how to view it. How to set it up in Outlook. How to send, edit, everything. I wrote out a huge page on my website to explain it to him, to anyone, that clueless.

    To this day, he is waiting for me to go to his house and set it up for him.

  3. I’ve converted my entire life to web 2.0. I used to be a web developer/graphic designer, but the need for websites for my clients is going away. I teach Social Software now and when I tell them about it, I love seeing their lightbulbs turn on. I ❤ wikis and blogs and tagging and all that good stuff~!

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