the xmas tree of death.


think of a christmas tree shape.

A horizontal tree outline.

The trunk is like school.

People are jostling along, penned in and all going in the same direction. Their movements are limited and rules/structure are inforced. School is like the army. The trunk continues for them as all the schooling years crawl on and on. Eventually the trunk shape ceases and suddenly flares out as the base of the trees branches begins.

This represents how young people suddenly leave education and have unlimited options available to them. This is too much for most people I think. They go nuts, embracing their new found freedom. Jumping in to daft jobs, travelling for a year, shunning further education, earning some cash and blowing it all. This sudden freedom, completely distracts their mindset. Where once they felt safe and guided and followed a routine, this is now all gone. They go from being totally dependent to totally independent, they may also get into a relationship and become interdependent.

Back at the christmas tree shape.

Years continue, and slowly, sooner than later if they’re lucky, people will realise their life direction and steer themselves back into the structure and routine that they once had whilst in those educated years. Life continues on and on, until retirement, where by the life loss is almost akin to bereavement. Suddenly the working world they’ve always known, no longer wants them, the structure is removed and the rest of their years prior to death is limitless, chaotic and confusing once again.

Eventually the christmas tree shape ends with a point… and the point is death.

and for that reason…. I’ve never much liked xmas.

Now if that tree trunk, didn’t stay constant and gradually got wider and wider with less rules and more life options as education draws to a close. Then that sudden, explosion of branches and limitless options, wouldn’t seem like such a shock to the system. Young people wouldn’t go nuts so much, they would be better prepared. They might even have a clearer picture in mind about what to do with their life, and therefore make better decisions.

Its obvious when you think about it, isn’t it?


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